Risk, Fail, Succeed and then have dessert, maybe.

You’re read it several times, in order to succeed you need to fail, not once, not twice, but several times.  For to succeed without prior failure is not success but luck. But what you never read is that in order to fail you need to take risks.

So in order to succeed, you need to take risks, and depending on the challenge will lead you to fail a little or a lot.  Only when you learn from those failures do you achieve success.

The Dieting Challenge

Dieting is the most popular RFS (risk, failure, succeed formula) in the world, people all over take up the challenge of dieting regularly, all of them will fail at least a dozen times when they break down and have that piece of chocolate cake.  A lot of people will give up after the first failure, some after the tenth failure, but the ones that succeed and reach their goal are the ones that learn from their failures and retry.

Two Outcomes to Failure

There are only two outcomes to failure: giving up or retrying. Too many who do fail give up without having learnt anything and hence don’t succeed.  They are also the ones that assume that challenges lead right to success.  

Finding Your Way

Anyone who’s succeeded at dieting learn quite a few things along the way, losing weight is not a short term goal, but a life style change.  Also that along the way failure becomes a fact of life and those people figure out a way to make it fit; ever heard of cheat meals. But the biggest surprise to anyone embarking on this new journey is that the elites, the ones that make it look so easy, fail all the time.  A cheat meal turn into a cheat day and into cheat week, but along this journey they figure out a way to turn it around and get back on track.

66 Days

It takes 66 days to form a new habit, so say these scientists in a study.  So if you’re used to eating McDonald’s and Twinkies daily but want to eat healthier and lose weight, then guess what, you’ll need to tough it out for 66 days before the new dieting goal becomes a life style change.

So What?

This Risk, Fail, Succeed formula can apply to any situation in life: business, hobbies, relationships and yes, dieting. The bigger the challenge, the better chance of failure the larger the risk and the more amazing success will feel.  And somewhere along the way, have a piece of chocolate cake.

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