Great Opening Lines…

A few years ago when I was into the writing-a-novel-thing I ran into an online article that listed the top 100 opening lines from novels. I had a quick glimpse at it and some of the entries were pretty interesting.  All seemed to have something in common, enticing the reader to want to keep reading, and in some cases what seemed like setting the tone for what kind of adventure the reader would be getting himself into.

Then I had a thought, what if I could apply this technical to everyday life.  For example, work emails; where you write an enticing subject line and a concise first line.  Sure it doesn’t have the same sort of adventurous zeal, but it would display a degree of relevancy and importance to the email.
This is also a technique that I’ve been trying to apply to resume writing to great difficulty; it’s quite hard to make a mundane task such a making photocopies seem so eloquent and chock full of danger and adventure that a potential employer would hire me for.
But once in a while I do come up with these (what I think are) great single line or single paragraph prose that could potentially be the beginning of a story or a very short short story of its own.  I`ll craft that piece of ingenuity to be concise, fluent and hopefully self-sufficient.  For example, here`s something I came up with last night:

As the full moon peaked through the dissipating cloud cover he felt his veins starting to pulse, his heart pound against his rib cage like a boxer’s fist against his opponent’s chest, his body warming to Chernobyl levels. His hormones spiked, awakening his darker self. He felt stronger and mightier as his body changed from a weaker self to something angry, deprived, yearning to fulfill a thirst he couldn’t comprehend. He felt his every muscle become denser, heavier, tenser. The full moon, bright white, full and round was clean and clear of the clouds. The bullet shot he had sustained healed quickly after the bullet had been pushed out. The pain of the transformation subsided and he stood erect, in control and in awe of himself.  He turned on his assailant who had seen all this and with all his might lunged at him, leaping high and far, his jaw grabbing his shoulder, the sharp teeth breaking the skin and digging into the flesh.  He squeezed, bones cracked, the man screamed and body quivered for a moment as the wolf basked in his almightiness.  He clamped down and crushed the shoulder, more bones cracked, blood spewing everywhere. The man’s body went limp. The wolf tossed it away and howled.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it, or not. Have nice dreams.

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