Topple the Empire State Building with Dominos

Domino Spiral
Domino Spiral – Matt Cavanagh

Social media sites can be full of inspiration and learning potential, including sites like Facebook and YouTube, as long as you follow the right crowd and take the time to explore.  Today I was reviewing my news feed on facebook and saw this cool video that I had previously seen a long time ago on the Canadian edition of the Discovery channel.  At the time, the value was purely scientific. But one thing that life has taught me is that everything you learn can be applied almost anywhere.  This is why experience and continuous learning is so damn cool and important.

What the video shows is rather simple, but when you think about it a little or a lot who knows, you can take the approach and apply it to your life and career. Look at the video and let me know what you think.
So what does this video teach me:
  • No matter how small you are, anything is achievable.
  • The path to greatness is not always direct and immediate.
  • Things may take time, but eventually, with determination, you’ll get there.
  • Playing with dominos is damn cool.
  • And it only takes 29 dominos to topple the Empire State Building.
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