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What do you consider to be a good leadership quality

Leadership means something different to everyone.  This was what I discovered at my latest group coaching session.  Of course, I was expecting a difference of opinion.  But the one opinion that surprised me was that some thought of leadership as … Continue reading

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Hate your boss? Email tips that you need now.

Writing proper emails is important for your career if your career is important to you. Yet too few make the effort to reduce miscommunication, anger and frustration.  A well-written email will go a long way to improving your relationships in … Continue reading

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Why you absolutely want group coaching for your career?

Careers are one of the toughest obstacle courses in life.  If you’re not pushing yourself to grow and improve you’re going to get far.  Worse, if you’re not self-aware, you’ll have no idea that your career is idling. And the … Continue reading

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The best online tools you need to be an awesome writer

Communication is the number one skill to have in any situation. Whatever skill you think is more important. If you can’t effectively express yourself then your better skill is worthless. Yet not a lot of people seem to be able … Continue reading

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