The best online tools you need to be an awesome writer

Communication is the number one skill to have in any situation. Whatever skill you think is more important. If you can’t effectively express yourself then your better skill is worthless. Yet not a lot of people seem to be able to express themselves.  And most think that if you can enunciate your words then that’s enough. Just because you can speak doesn’t mean people understand what you. 

Another wonderful thing about communication.  If you have good intentions whatever the situation.  But you can’t express yourself. You’d be surprised at how bad your work and personal relationships can be.  If people don’t respect you, communication could be the culprit. So of course, for me, communication is the skill I work on the most simply because I do it so often.
I use tools like Evernote, Outlook, Google Docs and GMail quite regularly. But ninety percent of the time, all my writing goes through these two online tools I’m about to mention.  One of the tools is a web app.  The other is a Chrome extension.  So really, I’m getting one amazing tool. Of course, these tools won’t solve all your issues, but they’re a good start.
These two tools are:
Hemmingway is a great tool to manage your writing.  It catches excessively long, runaway sentences.  Helps you eliminate the use of the passive voice.  It kills the overuse of adverbs.  And analyzes the complexity of sentences.
Grammarly is the extension that helps you manage your horrible, horrible grammar. I use Grammarly extensively with Hemmingway. But because it’s an extension, it can validate your, um, amazing writing almost anywhere you type.
You’ll find a lot of other online tools, but these are the simplest and easiest to use.

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