How to determine your personality profile

I sat there, facing him, arms to my side, waiting for him to finish what he had to say. I may have looked cool on the outside, but inside I was screaming. Please speak faster, I thought to myself. Get to the point already. My god. I could have gone for coffee and back already. Twice. Okay, maybe I exaggerate.

He spoke at a steady pace. He didn’t repeat himself nor say anything that wasn’t necessary. He was quite intelligent actually. Informed. Knowledgeable. Yet, I like it when people get to the point right away. Like now. He spoke some more.  Now.  He spoke, again. Now. Now. Now. Now. Continue reading “How to determine your personality profile”

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The best skills and qualities for your success

You need skills to succeed.  Skills and the right qualities. There are those skills and qualities that benefit the employer you work for.  But there are also the skills and qualities that benefit you. You are the most important beneficiary.  What’s most important is that you are aware of your own skills and qualities.  That you are aware of their power and effect within your circle of influence.  That circle will include your boss(es), peers, direct reports, personal friends, acquaintances, and family.

Below are my favourite qualities for me and the ones that I am constantly working to improve. Continue reading “The best skills and qualities for your success”

What are the best television shows to learn?

When I want to learn something new that’s career worthy, the television is not the source I usually choose.  Even YouTube, with its vast library of videos, leaves a lot to be desired when you want to learn a skill.  But I have discovered two great shows on Netflix that are great at learning.  What is good about Netflix is that you can binge watch, so you can learn a new skill surprisingly fast.

The shows I’m referring to are fast paced dramas.   I love being at a fast pace.  My brain is best engaged when things move fast.  I can think quicker, make decisions faster, react faster.  It’s like my super power.  When my brain isn’t engaged, I get bored and I can get in trouble quite easy. Continue reading “What are the best television shows to learn?”

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