How to determine your personality profile

I sat there, facing him, arms to my side, waiting for him to finish what he had to say. I may have looked cool on the outside, but inside I was screaming. Please speak faster, I thought to myself. Get to the point already. My god. I could have gone for coffee and back already. Twice. Okay, maybe I exaggerate.

He spoke at a steady pace. He didn’t repeat himself nor say anything that wasn’t necessary. He was quite intelligent actually. Informed. Knowledgeable. Yet, I like it when people get to the point right away. Like now. He spoke some more.  Now.  He spoke, again. Now. Now. Now. Now.

I’m a Type A personality, sometimes to the extreme. I could give myself a heart attack sometimes. That’s how hard I push myself. I’m also Dominant according to the DISC Personality Profile. I’m also proactive, to the extreme.  Ambivert.  And I think I’m the Conscientiousness type according to the Big Five personality traits.

My friend, probably a Type B. And most likely Steady according to the DISC Personality Profile. And not really an Extrovert, but definitely not an Introvert.

Having the knowledge of personality types simplifies dealing with people. It allows me to categorize people and group several types together. They’re easier to use on people I don’t have a natural rapport with. When I discover a person’s personality type, I can adapt my style to theirs. It makes interactions a lot easier.

I’ve found that the DISC Personality Profile is the easiest and definitely the most fun to work with.  Anthony Robbins has a pretty good online personality test for those who want to give it a try. (

Below are the descriptions of four personality types. Have fun.

DISC Personality Profile


Interaction with the World

Six Facets of Extraversion: Introvert Ambivert Extrovert
Enthusiasm Holds down positive feelings Demonstrates some positive feeling Shows a lot of positive feelings
Sociability Prefers working alone Occasionally seeks others Prefers working with others
Energy Mode Prefers being still in one place Maintains a moderate activity level Prefers to be physically active
Taking Charge Prefers being independent of others Accepts some responsibility for others Enjoys responsibility of leading others
Trusts of Others Skeptical of others Is somewhat trusting Readily trusts others
Tact Speaks without regard for consequences Exerts moderate care in selecting words Carefully selects the right words

Personality Theory

Type A Type B
  • Always moving, walking and eating rapidly.
  • Feel impatient with the rate at which most events take place.
  • Strive to think or do two or more things at the same once.
  • Cannot cope with leisure time.
  • Are obsessed with numbers, measuring their success in terms of how many or how much of everything they acquire.
  • Never suffer from a sense of urgency with its accompanying impatience.
  • Feel no need to display or discuss either their achievements or accomplishments unless such exposure is demanded by the situation.
  • Play for fun & relaxation, instead of exhibit their superiority at any cost.
  • Can relax without guilt.

Big Five Personality Traits

Extraversion Friendliness, Gregariousness, Assertiveness, Activity Level, Excitement-Seeking, Cheerfulness
Agreeableness Trust, Morality, Altruism, Cooperation, Modesty, Sympathy
Conscientiousness Self-efficiency, Orderliness, Dutifulness, Achievement-striving, Self-discipline, Cautiousness
Neuroticism Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Self-consciousness, Immoderation, Vulnerability
Openness to Experience Imagination, Artistic Interests, Emotionality, Adventurousness, Intellect, Liberalism


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