Are you most loyal to Apple, Tim Cook or the iPhone?

loyaltyWhere do your loyalties lie? It was a question I thought to myself today as I was reading an article on whether Apple should buy Netflix. Putting the legitimacy of that question aside, if Netflix were to get purchased by Apple would I remain a Netflix customer.

If you look around any industry and pick out your favourites what or who would you pick? Alphabet or Larry Page, or is that Google or Sundar Pichai? Apple or Steve Jobs or Tim Cook or perhaps Jonathan Ive, or maybe it’s just the iPhone. Yahoo or Marissa Mayer or the board of directors. Microsoft or Satya Nadella?

Or perhaps your loyalty is more at the product level? Ford Mustang. iPhone. Microsoft Word. The Corvette. Google Search versus Microsoft Bing. Chrome versus Firefox. WBFF versus the IFBB.

Surprisingly Apple survived Steve Jobs death. But will it survive the iPhone if it becomes dull and boring? Are Apple fans really Apple fans or just iPhone fans. Microsoft didn’t change, the CEO did, and now I like Microsoft again. Is Satya able to transfer my loyalty over to Microsoft?

We made the buttons on the screen look so good you’ll want to lick them.

  • Steve Jobs

I’m a fan of Netflix, most probably because it’s the only such product in Canada. We don’t get Hulu or Amazon Prime. If Netflix were to be purchased by Apple, would I remain a customer? And the first question that came to mind was: am I loyal to Netflix or the executive team running the company? If they leave, will Netflix change? I used to have a number of Apple products and they haven’t kept up with the cloud. So would Netflix help Apple catapult forward? Or would Apple pull Netflix into its walled garden?

I’m also a big fan of Google, that is Google Play, Android, the Chromebook, but not so much of Alphabet. Eric Schmidt is the only executive I like at Alphabet, now that Marissa Mayer has left what was previously Google. I am totally rooting for her at Yahoo. Yay Marissa. My loyalty at Google is with their cloud ecosystem and their ideals. With Apple, Steve Jobs was always the one that would nearly get me to buy a Mac at every single event; I was more loyal to him than the company or the product.

This is an interesting question to think about the place you work, the people you hang out with, the products and services you use. Where do you loyalties lie?

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