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Why I want to know it all

I want to know it all. I’m one of those people who reads everything and anything that comes up on my Facebook feed. I follow everything from I Fucking Love Science to Quora to Fortune Magazine to Pauline Nordin‘s fitness page. Topics that interest me are fitness and … Continue reading

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Learn something amazing every six months to improve your career prospects

Learn something new every six months, that’s what I discovered. Every job you will ever have needs two sets of skills. The technical skills that get the job done. And the soft skills that you use to get along with the … Continue reading

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A Startup Project – Part 2

I remember when I was a junior/intermediate developer. I was brave, cocky and loved taking risks. The less I knew, the more I was willing to stick my neck out. I’d do things just to prove it could be done; … Continue reading

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A Startup Project – The beginning

Recently, I started working on a startup project that I am motivated doing.  I had been looking for an idea ever since I can remember. But every idea I thought of always required a heavy upfront ramp-up. The only condition … Continue reading

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