Why I want to know it all

Untitled design (3)I want to know it all. I’m one of those people who reads everything and anything that comes up on my Facebook feed. I follow everything from I Fucking Love Science to Quora to Fortune Magazine to Pauline Nordin‘s fitness page. Topics that interest me are fitness and nutrition, leadership, soft skills, and self-improvement, sciences, technology, business, the list goes on. Every time I find something interesting that I can’t read right away I either save it in Pocket or click the Save Post link on Facebook. Just like my bookshelf, these are in serious backlog. Continue reading “Why I want to know it all”

Learn something amazing every six months to improve your career prospects

Untitled design (2)Learn something new every six months, that’s what I discovered. Every job you will ever have needs two sets of skills. The technical skills that get the job done. And the soft skills that you use to get along with the people around you. When I decided I needed to get ahead in my career I realised that my soft skills needed a big boost. So I read and read and read everything I could get my hands on; books, articles, blogs, YouTube, etc.  I read so much that my brain could process the information fast enough. Then after about six months I couldn’t do it anymore. I had read so much about leadership that I was about to explode. I needed to spend more time using what I had learned. I was reading beyond my needs. Continue reading “Learn something amazing every six months to improve your career prospects”

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A Startup Project – Part 2

Untitled design (1)I remember when I was a junior/intermediate developer. I was brave, cocky and loved taking risks. The less I knew, the more I was willing to stick my neck out. I’d do things just to prove it could be done; there were no shortages of challenges. But with more experience comes more caution and less risk aversion. This was especially true as I became more aware of the ramifications of my actions. I couldn’t fall back on ignorance and lack of experience as an excuse.

But when it came to thinking up new ideas for products, I couldn’t think outside the box. Nor could I think of anything new and original. For every idea I imagined, I already had an opinion. Either it was too simple, or would get done before I’d have the time to say “boo”. I always found something to demotivate me. I didn’t know how to come up with ideas. What problem could I solve that? What wrong was there in the world that required my particular brand of skill. The only thing I was becoming sure of was that I needed to put myself back in my shoes as a junior developer. Find something that would light that fire. I wanted to take a risk into the unknown. Continue reading “A Startup Project – Part 2”

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A Startup Project – The beginning

frameworkRecently, I started working on a startup project that I am motivated doing.  I had been looking for an idea ever since I can remember. But every idea I thought of always required a heavy upfront ramp-up. The only condition for this idea was that I would find frameworks that were easy to use. Yet would be easy to swap out at a later time. So I set out to search for what I needed to get started.

I did a lot of research into all sorts of frameworks and was impressed with what I was finding. I had already decided that I was going to develop my solution in Java with a MongoDB database. My only condition is that the frameworks and libraries had to be simple, focused and mature. Continue reading “A Startup Project – The beginning”