Why I want to know it all

Untitled design (3)I want to know it all. I’m one of those people who reads everything and anything that comes up on my Facebook feed. I follow everything from I Fucking Love Science to Quora to Fortune Magazine to Pauline Nordin‘s fitness page. Topics that interest me are fitness and nutrition, leadership, soft skills, and self-improvement, sciences, technology, business, the list goes on. Every time I find something interesting that I can’t read right away I either save it in Pocket or click the Save Post link on Facebook. Just like my bookshelf, these are in serious backlog.

As much as I love to read, the articles I love the most are those that teach me something unexpected. Sony’s Hack of the Century feature story in Fortune has so many tidbits of lessons to gain. Some of which you’ll smack your forehead wondering how irresponsible some people are.  Quora always has some really interesting question that someone’s asked and someone more knowledgeable answers thoroughly. The following article took the respondent over 8 hours to answer, What is next for Computer Science education in the next 10-20 years? Or this article from Wired in Instagram Strikes a Sizable Blow in Silicon Valley’s Tabs Vs Spaces War. It starts off being a battle pitting Tabs against Spaces but is so much more than that; code optimisation; computer science, etc.

Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.
– Thomas Huxley

The trick to all this knowledge is to find out how it can apply to my career, my life and my future. It’s something called transferable knowledge. The latin dance lessons I’ve been taking for seven years now has helped with my confidence, my posture and improved my focus. It’s also helped me set far out goals and stick with them even when things get hard. I’m learning to understand how my mind and body works. Bodybuilding is the same thing; I go to the gym three to four times a week. Sometimes it’s not about the really heavy weights that you lift, but lighter weights with proper technique to hit those small stability muscles.

I want to be the ultimate human being. It’s hard work. Sometimes I need to push hard. Other times, I need to know when to stop, hit pause and take a step back. But with all this knowledge, I can usually adapt faster than most and understand concepts very quickly. If I become lost in a conversation, I listen, take mental notes and look it up later. I’m learning that asking the right questions is always better than providing unsolicited answers. People are not robots and are a lot more sensitive that I ever realised.

The key is to be ready to be able to adapt quickly. Love what you learn. And find knowledge everywhere.

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