Why I decided to learn Scala

I find that anything worth learning should be done by jumping in head first. Then find something halfway challenging and go to it. Hence, this is how I went about learning Scala. I’ve recently learned to program in Groovy to develop Spock based unit tests. Groovy was the first JVM language I learned outside of Java. And being pleasantly surprised, I decided to try my hand at Scala.

Why I Chose Scala

My reasoning for wanting to learn Scala is to get into artificial intelligence without straying away from the JVM. I have played around with Python which I really liked. But embarking on Python would take me into a whole new ecosystem. And although I would love to get involved in Python and its data science tools, I think that long term Scala may be the better option.

Also, Scala is used in the development of a great number of high-performance open source tools such as Spark, Kafka, Akka. So you can’t go wrong. But more importantly, they’re projects I would like to try my hand at contributing to.

Other reasons I chose Scala is to get into functional programming. Better implementation of Futures. It’s not a stuffy language, like Java, that has painted itself into a corner of doing things. It engages the brain a lot more as I try to understand it and be efficient at it.

Some Resources

I found a couple of resources online that got be started in Scala very quickly. I hate spending time reading overly long articles that take a long time to get to the point.

If you want to learn a new language to improve your career, I think Scala is a good choice.


I read a number of blogs on different computing topics and came across an article on KDnuggets News on the state of programming languages in the field of machine learning, data sciences and deep learning and it seems that Scala is an up and coming contender.

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