The Best Scala Programming Resources

In the last few weeks that I’ve spent learning Scala I’ve discovered several amazing online resources. So much so that it made it difficult to justify purchasing a book, even though I did buy the much-recommended Programming in Scala title. Every time I needed help in figuring out how to do something, the following websites were indispensable.

Some of these sites are no longer active, but the information they provide is still very much relevant to new and experienced Scala programmers.

Matt Malone’s Old-Fashioned Software Development Blog – Unfortunately, Matt no longer publishes on his blog, but the posts are well written with amazing example code. Some of his posts provide tonnes of examples on any one particular topic. It’s really worth reading.

Alvin Alexander, the publisher of the Scala Cookbook has amazing content on his blog. I don’t own his book, but it seems most of its content is on his blog. And many of his posts have a lot of examples. NoBlogDefFound – I’ve landed his this blog a few times and contains some pretty good content as well.

NoBlogDefFound – I’ve landed on this blog a few times. It contains some pretty good content beyond just learning how to program in Scala.

Scala Docs, a website of community driven documentation. If you can’t find it anywhere else, you’ll find it here.

Scala API Docs, the official Scala API documentation.

StackOverflow contains lots of great solutions to tough problems. This programmer’s go to website has everything.

Other Resources:


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