What’s your personality type?

If you care about becoming a better version of you the answer to that question doesn’t matter. I’m one to always read those questionnaires that offer to provide insights into the type of person you. Are you have to do is answer a bunch of simple questions. And lo and behold, the questionnaire defined you to a Tee. Other people may rave about how perfectly they were categorized.
But the more I discover myself, the more I realize that these questionnaires are all fiction. The gullible will believe anything. Of course, it then begins to suck the fun out of reading your horoscope. But more I work on myself. The more I realize that I am responsible for my own outcome. Not destiny. Not some almighty being. The more I can overcome my challenges.
For a long time, I had been trying to figure out if I was introvert or extrovert. I couldn’t figure out what were the markers for each. On paper, I’m an ambivert. Ideally, you would think that the world has an even dose of introverts and extroverts. But those are labels that don’t really matter.
What I have discovered is that I have a short emotional fuse. I can push myself so much, but after a while, I just peter out and need to recharge. Unless I am super motivated, and then I’m an all our extrovert. Whatever.
What I do know is that emotions are a result of your mind not knowing how to deal with a situation. And to be able to have good control over emotions requires a well rested and energized body. The more challenges your mind experiences. The better it becomes at overcoming emotional challenges. I don’t let personality types define me. But I can use them as a guide to the type of person I want to be.

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