Amazing Science Channels on YouTube

There are so many people out in the world who know a lot about the things I know nothing about. Many share their knowledge on YouTube through mostly professionally made videos. Some are quirky, others are funny. But all know their stuff and explain it well.
Below are all the channels I love to watch regularly. But these are by no means everything I watch. There is a lot of content on YouTube that I watch that isn’t listed below.

5 Minutes or less

David Butler – This channel is clean and very professionally done. No jokes, no quirky personality. But very informative and entertaining none-the-less. David Butler puts a lot of effort into the production of his animation.

World Science Festival – This channel covers several topics in short videos pulled from longer forms. Very interesting.

SpaceRip – This is a new channel that I started watching recently and I love it. Most of their videos are under 5 minutes. But then are a few that go as long as 90 minutes.

15 Minutes or less

SciShow Space – This is an amazing channel focussing on outer space, from galaxies to black holes to star systems. They have it all.

SciShow – This channel covers everything that SciShow Space doesn’t cover.

Strange Mysteries – This channel covers a wide array of videos on different topics.  The host is hilarious and corny.

PBS Eons – This is a relatively new natural history channel with some of the same hosts as PBS Space Time (below).

PBS Infinite Series – If you love mathematics, you will you this channel.

Veritasium – Another amazing science channel.

Khan Academy – If you’ve never heard of Khan Academy, then you’ve been sleeping under a rock. Sal Khan, the founder is the sole instructor of all the videos and does an amazing job of explaining almost anything. Anything you need to learn, he’s covered it.

30 Minutes or less

Physics Girl – The host, Dianna Cowern is quirky, weird and funny. But loves to investigate and solve some of the most interesting physics problems.

PBS Space Time – PBS has got to be the best source for learning. Their Space Time series is about everything contained within the universe. From quantum mechanics to the big bang. Super educational.



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