The Habits To be Rich, Successful and Powerful, But Not You

Twenty-sixteen was the year of habits of the rich, the successful and the powerful. If you wanted to be like any of these people you had to do what they did and poof, you’d be just like them; so you thought. A lot of these habits, backed by supposed science, we’re often contradictory. The rich and successful get up at 5 AM. While the other rich and successful were lazier and more productive in the afternoon. What the top ten lists fail to mention is that these are the habits of those people once they’ve made it. The habits could just as well have been: lies on the beach, sips Tequila Sunrises, does nothing all day. The habits that you want are those that get you there, which is a lot harder.

I’ve discovered is that simply trying to understand who I am is a tough job. I always have to think, analyse, and readjust my lifestyle. All based on what I’ve discovered about myself. It’s exhausting. Since I’ve been on this path, it’s become very hard to let go. I’m always worried about becoming complacent; the enemy of success. Or worse, focusing my energy on the wrong things. Continue reading “The Habits To be Rich, Successful and Powerful, But Not You”

How taking risks can take you to the next step?

Untitled designI’ve always believed that to get ahead or cause change you need to push the envelope. Be willing to take calculated and sometimes all out risks. Yet, too many are afraid to do just that. They’re complacent, afraid to ruffle some feathers or fear losing their job. Those are the people that prefer to go along with the lead than ask pointed questions or disagree. Or worse yet, provide alternate solutions.

Risk is not the same as anarchy. Risk is taking an idea, implementing that idea, and trying to stabilize it as fast as possible. This usually comes at the expense of a lot of hours researching and implementing. And putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation. If well executed, that risk could lead to big gains and rewards. Potentially positioning yourself or a company differently for a better outcome. Continue reading “How taking risks can take you to the next step?”

The best skills and qualities for your success

You need skills to succeed.  Skills and the right qualities. There are those skills and qualities that benefit the employer you work for.  But there are also the skills and qualities that benefit you. You are the most important beneficiary.  What’s most important is that you are aware of your own skills and qualities.  That you are aware of their power and effect within your circle of influence.  That circle will include your boss(es), peers, direct reports, personal friends, acquaintances, and family.

Below are my favourite qualities for me and the ones that I am constantly working to improve. Continue reading “The best skills and qualities for your success”

What do you consider to be a good leadership quality

Leadership means something different to everyone.  This was what I discovered at my latest group coaching session.  Of course, I was expecting a difference of opinion.  But the one opinion that surprised me was that some thought of leadership as a role and not a skill. The old-school leadership was your boss and his boss and his boss’ boss. And that is still true today.  But for someone in a senior leadership position who doesn’t have leadership qualities, are they still a “leader”?

For those who considered leadership in today’s definition had a different primary quality in mind. Some answers were: trust, respect and honesty. Many didn’t think that a required quality had to be taking initiative or being proactive as most didn’t like to be accountable.

The qualities I had are:

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Honest
  • Accountable
  • Self-Motivated
  • Empathy
  • Confidence 
  • Vision
  • Servers others
  • Inspire
  • Listen
  • Aware
  • Optimism  and positive energy

What do you think? Can you be a leader without being accountable?