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How to Keep Learning

I recently saw this image while scrolling through my Facebook timeline. It’s a great list of ways to keep learning and improving. This is a particularly good list for those who are struggling for ways to improve. Or feel they’ve … Continue reading

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How to become the best mad skills programmer

Learning to program in a new language can often be difficult. First, you have to learn the basics to code “Hello World”. Then comes the challenge of learning to use the advanced features. And finally, the challenge of using the … Continue reading

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The Habits To be Rich, Successful and Powerful, But Not You

Twenty-sixteen was the year of habits of the rich, the successful and the powerful. If you wanted to be like any of these people you had to do what they did and poof, you’d be just like them; so you … Continue reading

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Why I want to know it all

I want to know it all. I’m one of those people who reads everything and anything that comes up on my Facebook feed. I follow everything from I Fucking Love Science to Quora to Fortune Magazine to Pauline Nordin‘s fitness page. Topics that interest me are fitness and … Continue reading

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