Continuous Learning through YouTube

I consume anything I can get my hands on, be it books, magazines, websites, YouTube video. Any media that has something to teach me I’ll consume it.  I’m one of those people who tries to be as efficient as possible with my time.  So while I’m working I often switch between work, and taking 5 minutes here and there to read an article online on programming, leadership, architecture, financial, etc.  Whatever keeps me engaged.

In particular, I love learning new programming languages.  About a year ago, while on the bench, I was on a big learning kick and started learning Python, read some articles on Go and had fancy for Erlang. So I scoured YouTube for all the videos I could find on all the above, in particular Python and how it pertains to data sciences. I found a lot of stuff on how Python is used and it main use.  But what I had a hard time finding was a succinct tutorial; I hate reading big articles.
Just today I was browsing through YouTube looking for some music to listen to keep me focussed and found a new author, Derek Banas, that has published a slew of videos on Python, C++ and Go, but I didn’t see anything for Erlang.  
The videos were created for intermediate developers and up, are approximately 45-60 minutes long, are fast paced, and extremely well executed.  For those who have listened to some of Khan Academy’s videos, you’ll like the tone and speed.  What I liked about the videos is that they’re easy to follow and watch while I’m working without interfering with my productivity.  
The videos don’t go into best practices or design principles, but do a very good job of explaining the basics.  As the author states he explains about 95% of the languages. Check out his page on YouTube and all the topics he covers.
I’ve pasted the video for the Go language below.