Working Out at Home for Gym Rats

A typical workout session for me can be anywhere from ninety minutes to three hours, depending on my energy level and the amount of time I have available. But there are those days that I don’t have time to go to the gym. Or I want to squeeze in an extra workout on a day off. Or what ever other reason I want to go a workout at home. So over the years I have amassed some serious workout equipment at home.

By serious equipment I don’t mean barbells and squat racks. But weights on the heavier side to have an intense functional workout. Of course, I do have dumbbells, and an EZ-Curl bar and lots of steel plates. But the stuff I have is fun. So let’s begin.

First up, the big balls

Well not all of them, but have a look.

The Kettlebell

I use the 20KG (44lbs) kettlebell (green thing on the right) mostly for doing kettlebell swings and kettlebell snatches. But there are a ton of other amazing exercises you can go with the kettlebell. It’s intense, it builds muscle and it burns fat.

The Medicine Ball

The 25lbs ball (11.3KG) black and red medicine ball is great for doing overhead lunges, the Russian twist and many other exercises that build agility and core strength due to its big, awkward size. Get a step and the possibilities are endless.

The Sandbag

The 50lbs (22.7KG) sandbag was the first soft weight that I bought and I love it. I do a couple of exercises with it such as the behind the neck sandback lunge, the sandbag burpee with an added squat after the press move. The burpee is super intense and fun when you focus on technique and efficiency.

The Slam Ball

The slam ball is my favourite. It’s one-hundred pounds (45.3KG) of pure terror. And there is really only one exercise I do with it right now and that’s the strongman exercise. The difference from the exercise in the video is that the slam ball is soft. So I can drop it from shoulder height and all it’ll do is a big soft squish when it lands on the floor. And instead of lifting the slam ball to a platform, I lift it onto my left or right shoulder and let it roll over and fall behind me. This definitely a core builder exercise.

The Little Ball

This is a little 10lbs (4.5KG) ball. I use this one mostly for The Russian Twist and other silly exercises like the medicine ball push up.

The Half Ball

The Bosu ball is another great piece of equipment that I got lately. As use it as the base for the Russian twist and crunches. Flip it over and I can do just push-ups or burpees with it. Other exercises I have done are side hops but by putting as little weight on the ball as possible. This means that I have to be fast and solid.

Weighted Vest

I also own a 20lbs (9KG) weighted vest; I have a 14lbs (6.4KG) military vest coming soon. If you do any running or plyometric exercises this will add an additional level of intensity. When running it engages more muscle fibres in the legs and the core; it’s like doing a running squat. It’s great for doing burpees. It even turns boring house cleaning into a workout.

The Workout

Depending on the experience and energy level I’ll do between three to eight reps for time. I’ll do one exercise for 20 to 30 seconds for as many reps and as much intensity as possible. Rest for two minutes. Then repeat with the next exercise. Below is an example workout that I would do. Put on some motivational music and go to town.

  1. Sandbag walking lunges – ten steps one direction, turn around and do another then steps. For 20 seconds.
  2. Rest for two minutes
  3. Russian twist with the 10lbs ball on the Bosu ball for as many reps as possible for 20 seconds.
  4. Rest for two minutes
  5. One-hundred lbs slam ball. Lift it over one shoulder, take three steps then let it roll over my shoulder onto the floor. Repeat for the other shoulder. Repeat for 2o seconds.
  6. Rest for two minutes
  7. Twenty-five lbs above head medicine ball lunges. Repeat for 20 seconds.
  8. Rest for two minutes
  9. Sandbag burpee – repeat for 2o seconds
  10. Rest, were done.

The above exercise will rev up your heart and lungs. You’ll feel amazing once your done. You’re more than welcome to adjust the weights to what you can lift. For those looking to buy this equipment, you can find it at Amazon, Fitness Depot in Canada and other locations.

Have fun!!!