Artificial Intelligence in the News – April 2017

Artificial Intelligence is certainly a strange beast. I’ve read some really interesting articles on the subject recently on how creative and aggressive they can be. Below are the more interesting ones I’ve read.

AI does Knock Knock Jokes

AI Gets Aggressive when playing games

Japanese AI Writes a Novel, Nearly Wins Literary Award

Listen to New Google AI Program Talk Like a Human and Write Music

Can artificial intelligence read a tweet’s sentiment?

Taking on Machine Learning

About two months ago I took steps to get into the Machine Learning bandwaggon. It was tough to take that first step for many reasons. The first was the tough decision of choosing the right programming language to learn. Did I want to stick to the JVM and Java or chose another JVM language? Take up Python. Or learn something else. This article from KDnuggets made that decision much harder. Luckily, due to circumstances from a recent project, I decided to turn to Scala. And so far, I haven’t been disappointed. Continue reading “Taking on Machine Learning”

Are you most loyal to Apple, Tim Cook or the iPhone?

loyaltyWhere do your loyalties lie? It was a question I thought to myself today as I was reading an article on whether Apple should buy Netflix. Putting the legitimacy of that question aside, if Netflix were to get purchased by Apple would I remain a Netflix customer.

If you look around any industry and pick out your favourites what or who would you pick? Alphabet or Larry Page, or is that Google or Sundar Pichai? Apple or Steve Jobs or Tim Cook or perhaps Jonathan Ive, or maybe it’s just the iPhone. Yahoo or Marissa Mayer or the board of directors. Microsoft or Satya Nadella? Continue reading “Are you most loyal to Apple, Tim Cook or the iPhone?”